TVA -has highest paid civil servant in history?

TVA – has highest paid civil servant in history?

June 8, 2016

Stemming the national debt is like trying to fight back the tide; it’s futile with a wild-spending administration. When will the bubble burst? It grows like unstoppable kudzu under a Congress without brakes. Kudzu was brought to us as a remedy for gully-washing in the soil of the South.

Good idea? Good federal idea? Hardly, kudzu has left an indelible scar on the land. Fast growing even on poor land, kudzu is indestructible and it eventually will destroy everything it touches including trees and buildings. Kudzu is so very typical of the federal government.

Analogous is the TVA now grown so wild that only a handful of non-elected people run unabated with a $10 billion income utility. And TVA is headed by the highest paid federal employee in history, $6 million annually. I believe most Americans think this is outrageous!

But this misses the main point. TVA claims it is “competitive” with other non-government electric utilities. Do they want to stifle free enterprise through a government agency?

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TVA nuclear, just to boil and pressurize water?

TVA – nuclear, just to boil and pressurize water?
June 6, 2016

After “many moons,” as the Indians may once have said; named after an Indian creek, Watts Bar II nuclear reactor was not stillborn like its partner Bellefonte nuclear in Alabama.

TVA, crowing that it has the “honor” of finishing the last reactor last century and the first to finish one (Watts Bar II) 16 years into this century, is useless hyperbole. In fact, it’s a disgrace. Way beyond TVA’s competence, coupled with TVA’s plans to design and build small nuclear reactors, another crazy idea except to preserve jobs and after spending over $4.5 billion over 40 years on the now obsolete Bellefonte reactors, the project has been abandoned and put on the auction block. The outcome of the auction of 1600 acres and plant is dubious.

Likewise, Watts Bar II begun in 1996 shows all the signs of hardening of the arteries. It looks like it may be another year before all testing is complete before merging all of its power into the TVA grid. By then, TVA will have produced far too much electricity.

And now, perhaps because of a ploy by TVA or just plain weakness or uncertain fear of management (“fear itself”), “comments” on TVA’s proposed actions are becoming more and more prolific. What’s wrong is that TVA has the shakes and is fearful of being abolished. TVA questions the competence of its own management and to proceed with the projects.

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TVA – builder of obsolete nuclear reactors?

TVA – builder of obsolete nuclear reactors?
May 24, 2016

Has anyone ever made a Rube Goldberg contraption actually work? Right now, because they are never constrained by expenses, TVA has tried and tried to make a sow’s ear into a silk purse; it cannot be done. Several decades of changes of nuclear in their operations systems and other modifications’ leaves TVA with a spruced up, shiny new Model “T” Ford built for dirt roads.

Look at Bellefonte, an uncompleted nuclear reactor in north Alabama which TVA decided to auction off after receiving an offer of $38M for the whole 1600 acres including plant and buildings. After spending nearly 50 years and $4.5+ billion of wasted money, TVA decided to not prove they were insane doing the same thing over and over again. (But still costing an outrageous sum.)
The problem is that no one is held responsible; not for anything. Nobody is accountable and is never ever fired. This latest twin reactor has been in “progress” for almost as long as Bellefonte and promises to have to operate with some obsolete systems. I guess they’ll just have to make the parts. While TVA touts that this is the first “new” reactor this century, it certainly offers nothing novel. Do you see any more reactors coming on line any time soon? SHOW ME!

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TVA – houseboat dream-shatterer

TVA – houseboat dream-shatterer
May 18, 2016

Neither fish nor fowl, the TVA is a soulless and godless deceiver of the human spirit; pretending to be a benevolent spreader of goodwill; helpful to all mankind. Nothing could be further from the reality that TVA is no more than bricks and mortar, a monument to Gaia. And the some 4 million ratepayers fund every non-power activity TVA thinks appropriate for TVA’s benefit as if it were an eleemosynary – all in an 80,000 sq. mi. territory from western Virginia to mid-Mississippi.

The deception began as “stewardships” which supposedly means somehow to aid is a TVA deceit; TVA has control of anything or anyone it claims “partnership” with. TVA has only to threaten to withdraw its support (money.) By inveigling itself with local matters, TVA wears the hat of “the good guy” while issuing its mandates which are not subject to appeal.

But what of the thousands of boathouses on TVA lakes where much blood and tears and money have been spent over generations? Well, TVA is up to its old tricks again. With a face as solemn as the Sphinx, a small group of non-elected but politically appointed citizens just declared (mandated) that houseboats would no longer be allowed on TVA lakes. Oh but wait! The TVA Board in an unappealable decision voted to ban houseboats with the caveat that owners have until 40 years to remove, sell all houseboats. Suddenly considering them a boating hazard, it’s like taking candy from a baby. “No you can’t have a houseboat anymore because I said so.”

But since the edifice called “TVA” is no more than steel and concrete, it must have a human face and it does in the form of a handful of hand-picked, unelected political appointees who hide behind the TVA monolith. And none of them have been held accountable for the billions in waste and mismanagement since May 1933. After all, it’s not THEIR money. Call this a bad deal for TVA’s ratepayers! They pay for all the bungling, the incompetence’s of a federal agency gone haywire; whose elected officials in seven states love the money that TVA generates more than the true taxes that would be paid if TVA were a private enterprise.

If TVA’s ratepayers would open their eyes to the probability of reduced electric rates, that it is THEY that have the power to hold their power suppliers accountable, not try and fight the federal government. There have been many challenges to the feds and all of them lost. They hold all the chips.

One solution, of course, is to liquidate TVA and sell its assets. Any subsidies that remain can be taken up by other agencies. And the many other necessary non-power activities can easily be absorbed by others.

OH yes, the highest paid federal employee in the U.S. at $6 million annually would have to seek employment elsewhere.

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America’s highest paid federal worker commits fraud?

America’s highest paid federal worker commits fraud?
April 25, 2016

“I want to keep electricity rates low; stay competitive,” or words to that effect says TVA CEO Johnson by not paying the $6 billion pension bill. If that’s not a clear case of “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” there isn’t one. Also, it happens to be a clear case of fraud naively admitted to.

And to add insult to injury, TVA plans to buy solar electricity at a premium price and to resell it to TVA customers. But ratepayers needn’t worry, TVA pays for it from funds headed to the pension account, etc. now estimated at over $6 billion in arrears. It does not matter how much extra TVA pays for solar power, wind driven power from the Midwest. But these power sources meet the ideological goal of being “renewable,” an admin mandate.

When a comparison is made between TVA and “competitive” electric utilities, even if it’s like comparing oranges with apples, you’ll find that non-government-run electric utilities are cheaper than what TVA charges. Why then TVA any longer? TVA no longer benefits its customers; amply proves how wasteful and inefficient TVA is by over-spending billions of dollars. And most explicitly, that NOBODY is held responsible, no one is ever fired.

On top of this mess is the discovery that Chinese spies have been stealing nuclear secrets for years from TVA in their good old boy atmosphere. There has been a two-count indictment for espionage filed by the feds. Others have been implicated. Need a better reason to shutdown TVA? To let the free-enterprise electric utilities provide electricity to those now in TVA’s territory? Chances are their rates would be lower, off the TVA grid promises better and quicker service and TVA mandates would be gone.

The TVA CEO promises to be more “competitive” with whom,? Those inside TVA, those within the federal government or those non-federal government electric utilities? And paying for lower electricity rates out of the pension fund is unconscionable and a fraud.

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Falling stones at Castle-TVA

Falling stones at Castle-TVA
April 19, 2016

Crumbling all around, TVA’s federal castle has pulled up the drawbridge and has entered the cone of silence zone about a two count espionage charge against a former TVA nuclear engineer.
TVA employees must be shaking in their boots, fearful for their higher paying jobs. TVA’s leader is the highest paid federal employee in the U.S. at over $6 million annually.

Don’t tell me Congress hasn’t been paying attention, don’t tell me Congress is not concerned about national security, PLEASE! It’s not unusual for TVA to duck out of anything such as espionage spies in their midst. They call it a “corporation” but TVA is as different from a regular corporation as a State is from the federal government even though TVA has been a confusing mix since 1933 when FDR pegged TVA as “neither fish nor fowl.” Of course, FDR was wrong.

Today, all of that rhetoric is irrelevant when it comes to putting our national security at risk which is exactly what the TVA, our own government, has done.
Now who runs our federal government beside “We the People…?” Chinese spies seem to have done irreparable damage to our most secret nuclear projects and TVA is right in the middle of the debacle.

Honestly, Congress should repeal the 1933 TVA Act and get us out of operational control of producing electricity which TVA does not seem capable of doing. It is inevitable this track of over borrowing and reckless spending puts TVA on target for blackmail. DO IT, CONGRESS, DO IT NOW!

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TVA – espionage – pension deficit

TVA – short way to fall with pension “shortfall”
April 18, 2016

Ironically, it may not be something such as finding that espionage agents have infiltrated TVA. One person has been indicted, a Chinese nuclear engineer who has been an operative in TVA for many years selling nuclear secrets, but the real issue may be TVA’s failure to keep the now $6 billion pension account up to date, in fact, TVA plans to cut pensioner benefits.

Many have complained, lately two congressmen, about TVA’s explosive salary increases. The so-called CEO of TVA is the highest paid federal employee in America. Congress wrings their hands in despair at his $6 billion plus salary but nobody there has the will to bring up the subject knowing there would be a royal battle with the Progressives.

Congress has been stuck in the mire of politics, let’s see, for decades. Meanwhile, TVA has been running wild, borrowing more and building more and more debt.

Now the country has been thrown into a very serious national security risk because of the longstanding dilatory action of TVA management. Congress has put a blind eye to the wastrel TVA because they believe “No appropriations needed,” TVA says so.

The obvious and immediate answer should be to repeal the TVA of 1933; there are many non-power peripheral activities others could handle (state, federal or local,) they could decide whether to continue their funding.

Congress should take action NOW!

Talk to you representatives up and down the line for the sake of America!

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